Commissioner Pondoc to JPIA-AdDU: ’Always do things with passion!’

Published: 31 August 2022

Commission on Audit (COA) Commissioner Roland C. Pondoc encouraged the members of the Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants of the Ateneo de Davao University (JPIA- AdDU) to “always do things with passion” as keynote speaker during the JPIA-AdDU’s Certified Public Accountant (CPA) Convocation held on 20 August 2022 at the Bapa Benny Tudtud Amphitheatre, AdDU.

The event was attended by new CPAs, teachers, and student audiences and was entitled REIGNITE: CPA CONVOCATION. This was the first time the event was done physically after years of holding the event virtually.

Commissioner Pondoc reminded the new CPAs that passing the examinations is not the end of their journey and to always do things with passion. He also shared a part of his CPA journey and all the hardships that he encountered and how he got through it. “All throughout my accountancy life until the board exam proper, the only motivation I have in my heart and in my mind is that passing the CPA board exam is my only way of survival,” he recalled.

Commissioner Pondoc also shared advice to the new CPAs on the realities that they are about to face. He shared that the months before his board exam was the toughest for him and that he even solved CPA problems in his dreams. His tips/advice: “First, be yourself and know what you want. Knowing what you want always works to your advantage. Second, possess a teachable heart. Hindi lahat ng tama ay alam mo, at hindi lahat ng alam mo ay tama. Third, don’t compare yourself with others. Everyone has their own role to play. And lastly, never stop learning. I believe the saying that chance favors the prepared mind.”

“I committed mistakes on more than a million questions and failed more than a thousand pieces. I’ve been unsuccessful in more than a hundred trials. In fact, I stumbled over and over again in my life but that is one of the reasons why I succeed,” the Commissioner shared.

Mr. Christian Dominic Amoncio, Ms. Maria Eliza Grace Buraon, and Ms. Regina Mae Baguio, all CPAs also served as keynote speakers together with Commissioner Pondoc. #